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C++ Training

Training Overview

you are updating legacy code or writing brand new, efficient, high-performance code for new platforms, like phones, and want to take advantage of C++. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the C++ language, how to use the language and its Standard Library effectively, and how to use the Visual Studio environment for developing C++, including debugging, exploring code, and understanding error messages. Developments in software technology have been always dynamic. New tools and new techniques are announced everyday; as a result, engineers and software industries need to track the new changes to continue the development. However, there are many programming languages, but the Object-Oriented Programming Language is the most preferred one in the software industry. It offers the user a new approach to build the real-time application along with a way to cope the complexity of other programs. Among the OOPs languages available, C++ is the most widely used one. Moreover, it is the most versatile language used for handling very large programs and suitable for programming task including development of compilers, editors and any real-time complications.

The ability to map the real life problems, makes C++ the most popular and the most important course for the software industry. It would be indeed to say that there are many colleges and institutes, which give training of this course to students. Among the institutes available, DP Project Development is one among them offering this course for a term of 2 months. DP Project Development has extensive experience trainers to guide the students for real-time projects. Apart from the course, it also assures the enrolled students for 100% placement opportunity. Most of the times, the seats are booked in advance. Therefore, rush to the nearest centre and be above the developer.

Training Goals

After completing the C++ Training Course student will be able to do

  • Become familiar with the syntax, semantic and all the main features
  • Understand how to implement any concepts based upon UML design and proper programming strategies
  • Be aware of the C++ challenges and pitfalls and master the techniques to avoid them
  • Understand the main strategies & several Design Patterns to build the simplest,most flexible & reliable C++ code
  • Learn to Dynamic Memory, Copy/Assignment, Memory Management Namespaces and Project Organization
  • Learn to Efficiency Issues, Code Generation, and Inline & function Function Objects, Pointers, and Callbacks

C++ Training Course Prerequisite

  • Candiadate have knowledge about C programming language
  • Basic knowledge of C++ programming language
  • Introduction to the development environment and how to write, build, and run a simple C++ program.


DP Project Development design fees structure for the C++ Training course vary by the duration and course program selected. Please call us for an immediate response.

Free Training (Demo)

DP Project Development offer Free Demo Classes (Online/Offline) to each student to meet with their trainers and understand the course content, Quality of training. Students can discuss him/her problems with assigned trainer.

Live Projects

DP Project Development provide live project based training. Students can select from a wide variety of live projects available and deploy projects in the cloud to show during interviews and final semester presentations. Each student is helped to create flow charts, DFD diagrams, Database Designs, Front End design, Software Development and QA.


Here are some few words that have been mentioned by our student for our best training/teaching plan, experiences, punctuality, course content and support.

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  • "The detailing in UI module was fantastic from the trainer sir. Thanks and I wish I will be back to your institute to learn more and more." - Priya Pareta, Kota
  • "After going through many different institutes providing IT Training, I found TOPS Technologies the best in all of them in all terms." - Vatsal J Patel, Mahesana

The C++ Training Course designed by DP Project Development ensures students learn the core and advanced topics required for a successful career in C++ Apps Development. C++ course covers topics on how to design, develop and build applications […]

Module 1 - Introduction
Module 3 - Functions
Module 4 - Classes and Objects
Module 5 - Constructors and Destructors
Module 6 - Operator Overloading
Module 7 - Inheritance : Extending Classes
Module 8 - Pointers, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
Module 9 - Managing Console I/O Operations
Module 10 - File Managements in C++
Module 11 - Exception Handling
Module 12 - Template
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ns2 ns3 introduced

First Lab Lecture of OPNET In this simulation we will create a simple network consisting of a 25 node star topology Also connected will be a server which will be used to check the load on the specific network

ns2 simultor


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How to setup network using opnet. With multiple subnet and internet connection.